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Welcome to Rugged Shark Shoes -- Technical Footwear Designed for the WaterSports Enthusiast

Water: It covers 70% of the Earth’s surface, and whether in lakes, rivers or oceans… in the quiet of a lake at dawn, the roll of an ocean wave, salty spray off the bow… water is our playground. It’s an oasis in a world of concrete, an escape from never-ending email, an invitation to relaxation and sport.  

At Rugged Shark®, we use 21st century innovative design, and cutting-edge materials to heighten your enjoyment of all water environments. So whether your passion is fishing, boating, watersports, or simply hanging out at your favorite watering hole, let our passion for technical footwear enhance your comfort from the ground up. 

It’s a wet, wild, wonderful world – enjoy it with Rugged Shark.

The name of the game is Comfort.
Ask anyone who enjoys watersports, or boating, or fishing specifically, about how their feet feel at the end of a long day on the water, and the answer will range from "not comfortable" to "painfully numb". Standing all day fishing, adjusting with the rocking of a boat or simply standing on shore requires a boat shoe that has comfort as its preeminent design feature. And those boat shoes cannot be just comfortable in a casual, "wear them around the house" way... No: we're talking boat shoes that are COMFORTABLE in a technical, "cradle your feet" way... And you don't have to be a professional fisherman like Bill Dance to know that standing all day on your feet fishing can have negative consequences, not just for the comfort of your feet but also for your knees, hips and low back.
With this comfort focus, Rugged Shark has revolutionized the performance boat shoe in many ways by concentrating on providing cushioning and support systems in our boat shoe styles, which help alleviate the stress points and provide all-day comfort – whether you're fishing, boating or just enjoying life in Rugged Shark shoes.
Well-designed Rugged Shark boat shoes aside: there are some other ways that you can help increase comfort over a long day of standing. Because most people do not have a perfect center of balance, they tend to stand with most body weight on their heels, with locked ankles and knees to create "stability". Unfortunately, joint immobility leads to reduced blood flow through the feet, generating swelling – and reducing comfort – no matter how well-made and comfortable boat shoes you wear.
So how do you spend a great day fishing, and finish feeling comfortable?
  • Be aware and keep your body weight more over your toes
  • Don't lock your joints, but keep them slightly bent
  • Let your body weight shift forward and back, left to right regularly
  • Put weight on one foot and rotate the other ankle occasionally
And of course, it goes without saying: Wear some comfortable Rugged Shark shoes…
Few people have spent more time on the water than Bill Dance, professional fisherman, three-time Bass Angler of the Year, fishing book author and star of Bill Dance Outdoors, and what he has learned and demonstrates on Bill Dance Outdoors, can help make your fishing more enjoyable and productive. That's why Rugged Shark teamed up with Bill Dance to develop the Bill Dance Professional Fishing Shoes - boat shoes designed with a foundation of comfort and a focus on boat shoe technology.
"If there's one thing I've learned," Bill Dance stated without hesitation, "it's that fishermen are tough people and their equipment has to be tough, too, but that shouldn't mean they have to sacrifice comfort. While the average person spends a third of their life on their feet, fishermen spend more and great shoes not only make your feet feel good, they relieve stress on your legs and reduce pressure on your back. That's why I know you'll love my Bill Dance Pro Fishing Shoes on and off the water!"
Evidently, Johnny Morris founder of Bass Pro Shops agrees, as he recently called Bill Dance Shoes by Rugged Shark, "the Best Fishing Shoes in the World".
Rugged Shark is a premiere manufacturer of high performance boat shoes, slip-on waterproof boots, and outdoor shoes for casual wear and our goal has always been to provide the ultimate in comfort. Our collaboration with Bill Dance has produced a professional grade boat shoe that is as at home in a bass fishing boat as it is on the dock for a casual evening with family and friends. Bill Dance's professional grade boat shoes are sure to put a spring in your step, a smile on your face (and maybe an extra fish or two in your live well.) Once you put on Bill Dance Pro Fishing Shoes you won't want to take these boat shoes off.
"My signature shoes are stylish, light weight, rugged and supremely comfortable," promised Bill Dance, "and here's why." The Bill Dance Pro Fishing Shoe offers support without pressure points. It features the deep cushioning of an impact absorbing EVA midsole and the famous Shark Grip™ outsole, which has been modified to provide greater lateral stability and added flexibility in the forefoot and arch to relieve the fatigue that comes with long days in a boat. They offer unmatched wet surface traction regardless of the surface composition. The premium leather uppers are water resistant and the padded mesh panels let your feet breath while promoting fast drying when they get wet. An exclusive padded, double knit liner and tongue plus 360-degree lacing surround your feet in comfort and the removable footbed completes what are, quite simply, the most complete fishing shoes ever made.
"If Bill Dance Pro Fishing Shoes aren't your favorite boat shoes already," said Bill Dance, "they will be the first time you spend a day in them. Wear them and you'll be fishin' longer with less fatigue!"
Bill Dance Professional Fishing Shoes are sold exlusively through Bass Pro Shops locations throughout the United States. Click here to find Where to Buy Bill Dance's Rugged Shark boat shoes at a Bass Pro shop near you.
Welcome to Rugged Shark Shoes -- Technical Footwear designed for WaterSports Enthusiasts
The Rugged Shark® footwear brand began life as a single boat shoe designed to bring boat shoe style footwear into the 21st Century.
While technology was changing the face of all manner of consumer products, the common boat shoe-type shoe styling was stagnant. The boat shoes available to boaters and fishermen were thin-soled "boat shoe"-styles that were hard on the wearer's feet, only modestly effective on wet surfaces, and lacked a true focus on comfort. Rugged Shark focused on taking performance boat shoes to a new level of boat shoe comfort and boat shoe technology -- adding technical details to the fishing and boat shoe category, and in the process changing the typical boat shoe of yesterday into the technical performance boat shoes for which Rugged Shark is known today.
Along the way Rugged Shark went from being a boat shoe to becoming an footwear brand focused on the WaterSports enthusiast. Fishermen and boaters who tried our Atlantic™ performance fishing shoes and Marlin™ fishing shoes fell in love with Rugged Shark shoe performance and comfort. Finally boat shoes that made feet feel good — whether dockside or fishing all day long!
Today, Rugged Shark leads the industry combining technical boat shoe design features (such as our AQUAIRE™ shoe technology) with the latest advances in component materials for a growing stable of boat shoes and performance footwear designed to meet a wide variety of specialty uses - on both water and land. Whether you're looking for optimal comfort in a boat shoe, professional performance features such as in the Bill Dance shoe line (as seen on TV in Bill Dance Outdoors), or simply a high-quality rubber slip on boot, guaranteed waterproof... Rugged Shark has the shoe style for you.
Whether you fish, boat or just enjoy hiking the outdoors and like comfortable, casual shoes, walk a mile in Rugged Shark shoes and you just might never take them off!